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Expanding Consciousness ~ Promoting Character ~ Creating Solutions

The greatest power we hold is the power to change ourselves

and hold space for others.

Individual Services


I work with individuals to deepen their understanding of Self, to evaluate choices and make a conscious effort to experience life in a more full way.

Often this includes deep evaluation of personal myths, how their wounds are projected onto others and healing from past trauma. The main key is to open to the shadow parts of the Self and discover how those are showing up in one's life so s/he can create desired changes.

$90 per 75 min. session

$225 for 3 session package

Couples Services


I assist couples to strengthen their bonds by being open and honest about their experience of one another and how each one views his/her Self.

This often includes exploring personal myths and how wounded parts of each person are projected on the other.

I help them each to find healing and move toward a more understanding and trusting way of being in relationship.

$100 per 75 min. session

$255 for 3 session package


Group Services

Workshops are designed to assist groups in building safe and healthy containers while providing insights into the application of virtues and archetypes for daily life challenges, personal awareness and deepening of Self, and all types of inter-personal communication.


Depending on the length of the workshop participants will explore their individual behaviors and emotions to discover their shadows so they can use the knowledge of archetypes and virtues to transform their life and relationship

These can range from short introductory activities to full-day or multi-day experiences that allow for deeper connection and greater personal work.

Fees can be charged per participant or a flat rate for established groups. 

Virtues & Archetypes for personal healing and growth

Archetypal Leadership

Virtues & Archetypes as part of your yoga teacher training

and/or practice

Virtues & Archetypes for relationships

and parenting

Virtues & Archetypes for group deepening and healing

Virtues in the workplace

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